Recent Advances in Deep Learning (EE807, Fall 2018)

Deep learning is a new area of machine learning research, which have demonstrated states-of-the-art performance on many artificial intelligence tasks, e.g., computer vision, speech recognition and natural language processing. In this lecture, I will cover some of recent advances (made mostly in the last 5 years) in this area.


  • The maximum number of course registrations is around 40, and we cannot accept more now (do not send an email to Instructor or TA).

  • The deadline for notifying whether you choose A or B to TA is Sep. 2 (see Lecture 0).

  • Two deadlines for sending your project reports to TA are Oct. 21 and Dec 16, which are all we need for your credit.

  • Office hours: Every Tuesday, 11am - 1pm, N1-914

  • The final presentation for projects of Option A will be on Wednesday, Dec. 12 (10 minutes will be given for each student to talk).

  • The claim for midterm project of Option B will be on Monday, Nov. 26, 1-3 PM at N1 917.


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Instructor: Jinwoo Shin,
TA: Insu Han,