Slide & Poster

Sungsoo Ahn, NIPS 2017.
Gauging Variational Inference

Kimin Lee, ICML 2017.
Confident Multiple Choice Learning

Insu Han, ICML 2017.
Faster Greedy MAP Inference for Determinantal Point Processes

Sejun Park, AISTATS 2017.
Rapid Mixing Swendsen-Wang Sampler for Stochastic Partitioned Attractive Models

Sungsoo Ahn, NIPS 2016 (full oral presentation, 46/2500=1.8%).
Synthesis of MCMC and Belief Propagation

Jungseul Ok, ICML 2016.
Optimality of Belief Propagation for Crowdsourced Classification

Sungsoo Ahn, NIPS 2015 (spotlight presentation, 82/1838=4.5%).
Minimum Weight Perfect Matching via Blossom Belief Propagation

Sejun, Park, UAI 2015.
Max-Product Belief Propagation for Linear Programming

Insu Han, ICML 2015.
Large-scale Log-determinant Computation through Stochastic Chebyshev Expansions

Jinwoo Shin, Rising Star Award Talk, SIGMETRICS 2015.
Message Passing Algorithms: Communication, Inference and Optimization

Jungseul Ok, SIGMETRICS 2014.
Maximizing the Diffusion Speed in Social Networks: Impact of Random Seeding and Clustering

Jinwoo Shin, SIGMETRICS 2014.
Scheduling using Interactive Oracles

Jinwoo Shin, NIPS 2013.
A Graphical Transformation for Belief Propagation: Maximum Weight Matchings and Odd-Sized Cycles

Jinwoo Shin, AISTATS 2012.
Complexity of Bethe Approximation

Jinwoo Shin, FOCS 2011.
Medium Access using Queues

Jinwoo Shin, SIGMETRICS 2010.
Dynamics in Congestion Games

Jinwoo Shin, SIGMETRICS 2010.
Delay Optimal Queue-based CSMA

Jinwoo Shin, SIGMETRICS 2009 (best student paper award).
Network Adiabatic Theorem: An Efficient Randomized Protocol for Contention Resolution


Sungsoo Ahn, NIPS 2016.
Synthesis of MCMC and Belief Propagation

Insu Han, ICML 2015.
Large-scale log-determinant computation through stochastic Chebyshev expansions