Current Members


PhD Students

  • Insu Han (BS, MS from KAIST in 2017)

    • Topic: large-scale machine learning, spectral methods, stochastic gradient descent, graph neural networks

    • First-authored publication: ICML2015, ICML2017, SISC2017, NeurIPS2018

  • Jaehyung Kim (BS, MS from KAIST in 2019)

    • Topic: regularization methods, large-margin training

  • Hankook Lee (BS, MS from KAIST in 2018)

    • Topic: meta learning, transfer learning, unsupervised learning

    • First-authored publication: arXiv2018, ICML2019

  • Kimin Lee (BS, MS from KAIST in 2015)

  • Sangwoo Mo (BS from POSTECH in 2016, MS from KAIST in 2018)

    • Topic: generative models, adversarial learning, active learning

    • First-authored publication: ICLR2019, NeurIPS2019

  • Jongjin Park (BS from SNU in 2018, MS from KAIST in 2019)

    • Topic: transfer learning, generative models

PhD+MS Integrated Students

  • Sungsoo Ahn (BS from KAIST in 2015)

  • Jongheon Jeong (BS from KAIST in 2017)

    • Topic: network compression, CNN architectures, automated machine learning, adversarial examples, regularization methods

    • First-authored publication: ICML2019

  • Junhyun Nam (BS from KAIST in 2017)

    • Topic: interpretable machine learning

  • Sejun Park (BS from KAIST in 2014)

  • Jihoon Tak (BS from KAIST in 2019)

    • Topic: interpretable machine learning, adversarial examples

  • Seokmin Youn (BS from KAIST in 2017)

    • Topic: adversarial examples, regularization methods, large-margin training

MS Students

  • Hyuntak Cha (BS from SNU in 2019)

  • Junho Han (BS from KAIST in 2020)

  • Chaewon Kim (BS from KAIST in 2019)

  • Junsoo Kim (BS from KAIST in 2020)

  • Seunghyun Lee (BS from KAIST in 2019)

  • Seungjoon Moon (BS from KAIST in 2019)

  • Younggyo Seo (BS from SNU in 2019)


  • Eunjoo Yoon (042-350-7531)

Past Students

  • Donggyu Yun (PhD 2016, co-advised by Prof. Yung Yi), now at NAVER

  • Sanghyuk Jun (MS 2016), now at NAVER CLOVA AI Research

  • Jungseul Ok (PhD 2016, co-advised by Prof. Yung Yi), now at POSTECH (assistant professor)

  • Kwihyuk Jin (MS 2017), now at Qualcomm USA

  • Hyeryung Jang (PhD 2017, co-advised by Prof. Yung Yi), now at King's College London (postdoc)

  • Tae-Hyun Oh (PhD 2017, co-advised by Prof. In So Kweon), now at Facebook AI Research

  • Donggyu Lee (MS 2018), now at LG

External Collaborators

We acknowledge many great collaborators out of KAIST who have influenced us through their expertises on various disciplines.

  • Haim Avron (numerical computing), Tel Aviv University

  • Michael Chertkov (statistical physics), University of Arizona

  • Minsu Cho (computer vision), Pohang University of Science and Technology

  • Bohyung Han (computer vision), Seoul National University

  • Honglak Lee (deep learning), University of Michigan

  • Dmitry Malioutov (machine learning), T. J. Watson IBM Research Center

  • Sewoong Oh (machine learning), University of Washington

  • Eric Vigoda (theoretical computer science), Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Adrian Weller (machine learning), University of Cambridge and The Alan Turing Institute